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Controller Information


Our controller's are the highest quality and utilize the latest technology on the market. 

We utilize the most current chip and board technology that Microsoft offers. All of the controller's are the latest CG2 and Matrix 2 boards.  If you have purchased from other companies in the past, please take a moment to look closely at their controller. Most likely you will find a horizontal or non present capacitor. These are the Matrix and CG1 boards. The Matrix and CG1 boards are old technology that date back to the release of the first generation XBOX 360's. These boards are no longer being manufactured by Microsoft. If you look at our controllers under the battery pack you will see a vertical capacitor labeled "C15" identifying it as a new CG2 board!

Other reason's for utilizing CG2 and Matrix 2 boards:

  • Longer battery life
  • Better connection to console
  • Faster response time
  • New design of chrome guide button, black D-PAD, thumbsticks and shell!
  • Our main reason for utilizing CG2 and Matrix 2 boards is the stability of the rapid fire functionality!

UniqueModz is committed to quality, integrity and leadership technology.