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Why Choose Us?

The gaming industry is very competitive when it comes to selecting the best company. We have dedicated this page to give potential customers a better understanding about UniqueModz.

All payments are processed through Paypal. Paypal is the largest and most recognized payment method used online. Paypal constantly monitors our orders to ensure our customers receive their product(s) and are satisfied. Paypal's About Us Page

At UniqueModz we believe in delivering the best value for our customers. We define value, as industry leading products, customization, competitive pricing, quick delivery and responsive post sale support. We offer a 60 day parts and labor warranty on all controllers.

Our controllers have five key development stages. Our first stage begins with a authentic, original Microsoft controller. This is important because many of our competitors utilize used or refurbished controllers in order to save cost.

Our second stage if required is centered on customization. The paint process is state of the art and called water transferring (hydro dipping). Our controllers will not chip, fade or scratch.

Our third stage is where our chip technology is implemented. Our rapid fire is optimized to give our customers the maximum advantage against opponents online. This technology works on most of the current games on the market!

Our fourth stage is quality control. Every controller is inspected and tested on major FPS titles. This quality process ensures that we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

The final stage is packaging and shipping. Your order will be shipped in a certified non-crush box. Controller instructions and an invoice will be provided upon arrival.

Please use this information to make your final decision and if you have any additional questions or feedback please contact us at sales@uniquemodz.com


UniqueModz Staff