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Welcome Parents!

This section of our website is dedicated to help parents understand our products and services. We are hopeful, that sharing information enables you to make the best decision for your child. As a parent your primary focus should be on choosing a company that has quality leadership, products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our modified controllers enable your child to fire his or her weapon at a much faster rate than others. Our goal is to help your child fire their weapon faster than their opponents online while maintaining accuracy. This is physically not possible without our controllers enhanced capabilities.

Once you purchase our XBOX 360 controllers, your child's experience will dramatically improve and they will quickly compete with the highest level players.

We understand that it can be confusing to select a controller that will best fit your child. Therefore we recommend our 12 Mode Controller!

This controller has the same look and feel as any other controller on the market. It provides your child with a wide range of functionality for the best price. It is compatible with most of the current games on the market. Each of the modes has been designed to optimize each game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our contact tab or directly contact us at sales@uniquemodz.com


UniqueModz Staff